About the Artist

As a kid growing up with not a lot of money, I always used my drawing and art as a beacon to explore and imagine a life better than the one I was living in. I remember my grandmother, God bless her soul, telling me that artists don't make money. She would tell me to go to school and become a doctor, a lawyer, or an engineer because those guys make a lot of money. So I listened to her and concentrated on my studies and put my passion for the Arts behind me.

As I grew older, I didn't become either of those occupations. I ended up working in the Food & Beverage Industry, working in every position including managing some High End Establishments. I gave almost 20 years of my life to the industry. 4 years ago I took a leap of faith and bought myself a digital camera teaching myself how to use a Sony mirrorless camera after never owning a camera in my life. I learned the ins and outs of photography and started my photography company called Omagoodness Photography. I still own the company and I am currently based in southern California.

As happy as I was with my camera I still felt like my life was missing something. As much as I loved taking pictures and capturing some many beautiful stories through my lens eye, I still felt like something was missing in my life. Watching my daughter who is also a talent young artist freely drawing and expressing herself through art and showing me all of her beautiful sketches I needed to find that little boy inside me that loved art and loved using his hands to create something  magical that would bring joy to everyone who saw and held it.

So in May of 2022 I reunited with Art and we fell in love again and my life has changed forever. This love story is the expression I’ve created in all my artwork.

Resin art has been a big portion of my art and it draws it’s inspiration from the Ocean.

The Ocean gives us healing, power, joy, and most of all love. Living in the beautiful beach town of Huntington Beach, CA helps a lot in my inspiration in delivering the vast beauty of the Sea. The sea is an important environmental resource for us.

We need to protect it and all of it’s sea life. I hope that through my art and I can spread love and inspire people to follow their heart and never give up on their passion.